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Why you need the FLOOD FREE ZONE Water Control and Conservation System

There is a tremendous national need for an inexpensive water control system that will help prevent water leaks and broken water lines from destroying both real property and personal property, while you are away from your home or business. This system not only saves you time and money, but also allows you to conserve water, our most precious resource.

Why Do You Need It?


“The Flood Free Zone”

“The Only Sensible Way To Prevent And

Control Household Water Leaks”

Water… absolutely essential

for living… devastating to the

interior of a home when its’

out of control !

The fact is, inside each home are numerous water connections that are constantly under 60 + PSI of water pressure. Washing machine hoses, toilet lines and valves, dishwasher connections and ice-makers lines are the most vulnerable. Factor in the thawing of frozen pipes and you can see why damaging water leaks are an often occurrence every year in the U.S.

Flood Free Zone |  Flood Control & Water Conservation Water Control System | Call 770-874-5997

“Insurance companies report that the most damaging leaks occur when the homeowner isn’t present to take immediate action or the person that is present doesn’t know how to shut-off the water quick enough to prevent extensive damage.”

The Facts:

•An 1/8-inch long crack in an icemaker water line can release over 250 gallons of water a day inside a home.

•Frozen and broken residential water pipes rank No. 2 behind hurricanes in the amount of property insurance claims filed in the U.S. every year.

•Worn out, ruptured washing machine hoses cause more than 100 million dollars in property damage every year in the U.S. alone.

•A large percentage of homeowners have no idea how to shut off their water in case of an emergency.

•More and more homeowners are installing hardwood flooring in their kitchens and dining areas where the threat of water damage is the greatest.

The Insurance Institute of California recently stated that:

Californians meticulously maintain their cars, yet they often treat their homes as if they're maintenance-free. If we only took a few minutes each year to inspect our household water connections we could save millions of dollars in water damage claims statewide every year. All households should know the location of their water supply control and how to shut off the supply in case of an emergency.”

The “Simple Solution”

Flood Free Zone |  Flood Control & Water Conservation Remote Controlled Water Control System | Call 770-874-5997An installed Flood Free Zone System will allow anyone in the household to turn off and turn on the flow of water to the entire home by simply pressing buttons on a handheld remote just like opening and closing an electric garage door!

There’s nothing to program and no external sensors to deal with.

When there’s no one at home simply shut off the water; If you are home and a water leak occurs press the CLOSE button and within less than a minute the water to the entire house will be shut off; You won’t need to locate the meter, the meter key and the tool to manually turn off your water ever again.

Note: The “AUTO” button on the remote is only used when the Flood Free Zone is wired-in as part of a home security system.

U.S. Patent Numbers: 7,147,204 & 7,460,013 Made in U.S.A. ¾ and 1 Inch Ball Valve Models Are Available

Flood Free Zone |  Flood Control & Water Conservation Remote Controlled Water Control System | Call 770-874-5997

Flood Free Zone |  Flood Control & Water Conservation Remote Controlled Water Control System | Call 770-874-5997

How The Flood Free Zone System Functions

Powered by (2) AA batteries, the hand-held remote control has the ability to transmit and receive commands (RF signals) to and from the Flood Free Zone’s valve unit. The remote’s LCD will display the actual position of the valve (OPEN or CLOSE) and when the valve is in the process of opening or closing. Operation is so simple that anyone in the household can use it. An easy to mount wall holster is provided. Installing the valve unit in-line with the incoming water should be performed by a licensed professional plumber.

Note: The wireless remote and valve unit are designed to send and receive a “rolling or changing” code much the same as the latest garage door opener transmitters and receivers do. This ensures that a Flood Free Zone system installed at one location cannot be activated by another wireless transmitter.

Flood Free Zone |  Flood Control & Water Conservation Remote Controlled Water Control System | Call 770-874-5997

Why You Should Install A Flood Free Zone System

Knowing that so many places in a home are under constant water pressure (washing machine hoses, toilets, sink faucets, ice maker, etc.), the only way to eliminate damaging leaks while away is to turn off the flow of water. Lake, mountain and weekend properties are especially vulnerable to water leaks.

There are other products on the market that claim to protect a home from costly water leaks. However; none of them are controlled by the U.S. Patented, wireless (RF) technology that is an integral part of every Flood Free Zone System. Other units must be programmed or rely upon small battery powered sensors scattered throughout a home to sense a water leak.

“It is for these reasons that those that have seen and evaluated the other systems on the market all agree that an installed Flood Free Zone System actuated by simply pressing buttons on a remote control is your best defense against damaging water leaks!”

To find out how you can have a Flood Free Zone System installed please call your local plumber.

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