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Flood Proofing | Flood Prevention | Remote Control Water Shut Off Valve

What is Flood Free Zone?

The FLOOD FREE ZONE Water Control and Conservation System is an advanced remote controlled water shut off system, incorporating the latest technology and design in water damage prevention.

A Green Product Made in the U.S.A.

In fact, insurance companies report that the highest number of homeowner insurance claims received are from water damage caused by leaking toilets, washing machines, water heaters, ice maker lines, dishwashers and freeze damage. This product offers the best flood damage protection available for home or office flood proofing, “because the water is turned off.” The system is controlled by use of a handheld remote or integration with a security system which shuts off the water with just one push of a button.

Flood Free Zone Pressure Reducing Valve Remote Shutoff System for Flood Prevention

Flood Free Zone Water Conservation & Flood Prevention Remote Control ShutOff System


Water Damage Prevention Device

The Flood Free Zone remote controlled water shut off system is suitable for single family homes, condominiums, townhomes, small business offices and warehouses. Sprinkler systems are not affected.

Water damage is the most prevalent yet least recognized home catastrophe, until it occurs. In fact, water damage caused by plumbing failures and frozen pipes caused $9.1 billion dollars in annual homeowner policy losses from 2007 thru 2009 and claims are on the increase. Water damage claims have been growing faster than other components of homeowner insurance.*

* American Insurance Association

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